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iLink Music Server

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Better than a CD?

Yes! An iPod for Audiophiles. Get bit-perfect CD quality playback on your own DAC or Processor with all the advantages of the world’s most successful audio product, finally!

"The MSB iLink’s real appeal is what it was created for: getting the digital bitstream out of an iPod and into your own DAC. And that it does not merely well, but fabulously. I found that, regardless of source material, at worst the iLink matched the sound quality of my CD transport; usually, it bettered that quality." Doug Schneider, Review

iPod Convenience
with CD Quality.

The iPod is a wonderful product hindered by one basic flaw - analog outputs.   The digital format of its audio files are converted within the iPod, which negates any attempt to create true-to-CD audio.  This means that no matter how much money an audiophile spends on iPod docking stations that boast great sound, the quality will not come close to a CD played on a high-end system.

MSB Technology’s new iLink, is the world’s only iPod docking station that offers a true digital audio output.  This is done by modifing the iPod to allow digital audio to be sent to the iLink and output via toslink optical, coaxial or balanced AES/EBU format.   With this output, audiophiles can transform their iPods into a high-end source and achieve sound reproduction on a par with a good CD transport.   The iLink comes with an RF transmitter that allows the iPod to be moved around the listening room while still maintaining the best audio quality available.   The iLink also charges the iPod.

MSB can upgrade iPods sent to them, or new units are available with the upgrade installed already.

Worried about high-resolution music? The 176.4 kHz upsampling upgrade is now available for the iLink. The sonic improvement will range from stunning to unbelievable depending on your DAC.

In September 2007 Apple released 6th generation iPod Videos, a new 80 GB and 160 GB model. We have adequate stock of 5th generation 80 GB iPods and will continue to offer them as well as offer upgrades to that model until a newer model sufficiently better is released.


Digital audio from Docked iPod
Digital audio via RF link

Digital Outputs:
Toslink Optical
RCA Coaxial
XLR Balanced AES/EBU

Jitter Reduction:
Complete re-clocking with 1/2 second buffer

Clock Stability:
+/- 2.5ppm temperature compensated clock

Control Features:
iPod interface
Signal Lock LED

iPod Capacity (lossless):
30 GB iPod:
Generation 5
   90 hours, 1300 songs, 75 CDs

80 GB iPod:
Generation 5
   240 hours, 3600 songs, 200 CDs

iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Computer. The iPod upgrade is not approved by Apple and voids Apple’s warranty. The iLink provides no function with non-upgraded iPods.

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