The Analog DAC
It's amazing!
The DAC V and UMT V are here
A bold new look for the world reference of natural sound! Upgrade now!
The MSB digital system is the lowest jitter, most technically advanced, most musical playback system in the world today!
You must hear it to believe it.

Latest News:

  • The New Femto 33 Clock is now shipping. Half the jitter of the Galexy Clock!
  • A new SELECT DAC will begin shipping in September.
  • The QUAD USB Input is here for all Models! With great reviews, this input transforms your PC into a world class transport.
  • The Network Renderer input for the Analog DAC lets you turn your DAC into a Network Streamer. Will begin shipping for the DAC V and SELECT in September.
  • The MSB Theater Master System was announced at CEDIA this year and is shipping.
  • Custom Color selector is becoming increasingly popular. Build your own DAC and pick your own look.
  • MSB Amplifiers Stereo or Mono are steadily gaining recognition.

All MSB DACs are DSD ready!